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Have you ever wondered why most people FAIL when it comes to making extra money online?

Well here are the five major mistakes that the "gurus" don't want you to know about....

FATAL ERROR 1: Not Believing In Yourself

Do you want to know the number one thing that all successful Internet Marketers have in common?

They all BELIEVED they would be successful!

Hey I'm serious.

Think about this....

If you don't believe in yourself then who else will?

If you don't believe you have the goods then how the heck do you expect anyone else to believe in you enough to buy your product or be your partner?!

This one sounds simple but unless you actually believe that YOU CAN DO THIS then you don't have a chance.

Look, it's normal to be filled with self doubt.

It's okay to worry about if you're cut out to do this stuff, or whether you're barking up the wrong tree.

Cripes friends I thought the EXACT same things too when I was first getting started.

But I soon found out that if I wasn't prepared to believe in myself then no one else would do either.

So if we're going to go on this amazing journey together then I need you to start believing in yourself okay?

Because if you don't then who the heck else will?!

FATAL ERROR 2: Not Building an Email List

Do you want to know the fastest way to make money online?

Well I'm guessing you've heard this before but it's so IMPORTANT I'm going to repeat it again...

The most effective way for practically anyone to make money online is to build a list of email subscribers who want to hear from you....

... and then send them emails recommending products and services they may be interested in.

(... and of course you get paid when they go ahead and buy based on your recommendation)

It's as simple as this.

If you're trying to make money online but you're NOT building an email list then you're making a FATAL ERROR.

Well the good news is that it's an easy one to fix and over the next few days and weeks I'm going to be sharing some awesome resources designed to help you build a BIGGER list faster.

FATAL ERROR 3: Not Giving Your Subscribers a Reason to Open Your Emails

This is a BIGGIE.

Do you want to know what most so called "experts" recommend when it comes to building an email list?

They tell you to build a list and then BOMBARD your subscribers with offer after offer.


This is a terrible idea that never works unless you're prepared to wait 9 years to build a 50,000 list OR you have a bunch of "guru" buddies who will help build your business for you.

(... and I don't know about you but I DON'T have the patience to build an email list that big before I see a profit and I certainly don't want to have to SUCK UP to over hyped "gurus" either)

Well luckily for me and you there IS another way.

Let me tell you a quick story...

On the 23rd June 2007 I had NO subscribers in this marketplace.

I started building my list and on the 10th July 2007 I had just 603 subscribers.... yet I was STILL able to outsell "gurus" who had lists of 50,000 or more when I took part in a huge product launch contest.

How did I do it? Well that's easy.

I used my underground "List Magnification" techniques and looked after my subscribers by focusing on "giving" rather than "selling".

And the results?

Well I was able to MULTIPLY the selling power of my list by a factor of TEN and easily outsell those who had been doing this for 5 years or more... even though I'd been in business for only 2 weeks!

What use is a subscriber list if no one ever opens your damn emails?

Concentrate on providing your email list with amazing value and actually give them a reason to open your email and you'll be stunned by the results.

FATAL ERROR 4: Spending Too Much Time "Selling" And Not Enough Time "Giving".

Has someone ever surprised you by giving you an unexpected gift?

Yeah well it's happened to me a few times too.

And if you're anything like me then I'm willing to bet that your thoughts pretty quickly turned to the fact that you'd just received something of value... but that you didn't have anything to give in return?

It's called the law of RECIPROCITY.

So what does this mean for you and your online business?

Well in my experience the FASTEST way to get anyone to give you anything is to give them something of value first.

Think about this for a second.

Maybe you have a colleague who you KNOW for a fact won't be buying you a present at Christmas.

Want to know the easiest way to get them to give you something special?

Simply give them a present first and you can bet your bottom dollar they'll be scrambling to reciprocate fast....

Try it. It works.

So how can you use this powerful principle to make more money?

Well if you spend time creating VALUE and then just give it away other people will practically RUSH to give you the good stuff back in return.

(... and the good news is that online it's quick and easy to create masses of value and give it away for practically nothing)

This is one of the most power lessons I can ever share with you... and it's one of the secrets of how I was able to quit my day job in less than 56 days.

Spend more time creating value and giving it away and you WILL experience dramatic results.

I absolutely guarantee it.

FATAL ERROR 5: Not Getting Help Faster

I honestly believe that anyone can build a profitable online business if they have the right guide.

Right now I look around and I see dozens of people all trying to figure out the secret to building an online business and 99.9% of them are going nowhere.

They try so hard and the sad fact is that most of them will NEVER succeed online


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