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E-Learning Competencies (2)

Ethan S. Sanders

Change management: Helping people adapt to the changes brought on by new technologies and helping them to see the value and benefits of new technologies. Skills and knowledge that make up the competency include
* understanding of organizational goals
* understanding of organizational culture
* ability to assess human behavior objectively in the workplace
* interviewing skills
* focus group facilitation skills
* ability to analyze historical documentation
* understanding of factors of human motivation
* ability to discover the root cause of human behavior.
Leadership: Leading, influencing, and coaching others to help them achieve desired results. Skills and
knowledge that make up the competency include
* ability to see the big picture
* ability to inspire and motivate others
* organizational skills
* delegation skills
* ability to monitor progress toward organizational goals
* understanding of the benefits and risks associated with empowering workers
* ability to see one's own behavior as an example for others
* ability to maintain a clear vision for the organization's future.
Industry awareness: Understanding the current and future climate of the company's industry and formulating
strategies that respond to that climate. Skills and knowledge that make up the competency include
* knowledge of the company's position within the industry
* knowledge of competition's position within the industry
* understanding of future forces affecting the industry
* understanding of competition that exists outside the normal bounds of one's industry
* ability to create strategies and contingency plans that allow the organization to have a competitive
* advantage in this environment.

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